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So here's our story:

Like many small businesses, Koyo Florals was formed in 2020 amid a certain pandemic that had most of us moping around at home. We wanted some nice flowers around the house and thought - why not try make it ourselves? 

Cue Koyo Florals.

"Koyo" in Japanese, refers to the changing of colours during autumn which we believe is the prettiest time of year. We thought it sounded cool.

Our floral range is comprised of ideas thought on the whim, inspired by season, piecing colours together, and custom designs requested by you. Yes, you're the designer and part of the team too!

Each of our products are created by hand with the intention of bringing beauty into your personal, business or event space, whichever it may be.

Sustainably sourced in New Zealand and overseas. 

- The team at Koyo