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Flowers To Look Out For During Summer

It's that time again!

Hot summer weather is usually nature's way of telling us that flowers are about to change or start a new life cycle. No better time to take advantage of garden and wild flowers.

Here's some of our picks to go picking (ha!):

Statice / Sea Lavender


We use these a lot in our arrangements and they dry beautifully. Statice thrives all summer long and is found mostly everywhere. Look around and maybe your neighbour has some, if you don't already. 


Colouring Hydrangeas - Palmers Garden Centre

Trust us when we say these are everywhere. Hydrangeas are surprisingly easy to maintain and come in multiple different colours, even from the same bush. These mopheads look amazing once preserved or dried. Definitely worthy to keep an eye out on these.


Sunflowers: How to Plant, Grow, and Care for Sunflower Plants | The Old  Farmer's Almanac

Needless to say how amazing sunflowers are - the centre piece that embodies the feel of summer. Can't say these are widely available but if you have these in your garden be sure to pick them during the morning. If your sunflowers are withering, you can always take advantage of the seeds. Be sure to dry them first.

Wild Daisies

CHOW Pantry – The Linked Roman Catholic Communities of St. Patrick's and  St. Thomas Aquinas

Those daisy chains you made when you're a kid can now be turned into something amazing. Be on the look out for these in big open fields, at a park, or simply in your backyard. Daisies look amazing when dried and arranged together in a bunch.

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