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Dried Flower Care Tips

Dried flowers are beautiful, but just like any fresh-cut flowers, they are very delicate. However with the right tender love and care, they will last for many years in your home. Here are a few tips on how to take care of these babies.

Keep them out of direct sunlight

Sunlight will fade your florals quicker than they need to. Keep your arrangement indoors to preserve its colours.

Do not water

They're already dead! Just leave them in its vase or pot. Wetting them may cause them to wither away and grow mould.

Handle gently

When your arrangement arrives, it will likely be wrapped tightly to prevent damage during transit. Fluff them up with gentle hands, like you're handling a small animal.

Avoid humidity

Again, dried flowers aren't fans of moisture. Keep them in a cool, dry area to ensure it lives a long, fulfilling life.

Mist it with some hairspray

Hairspray helps to prevent shedding, especially from pampas grass and bunny tails, and also helps maintain its colours. Try to use a non-scented one so you don't have a room that constantly smells like hairspray.

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