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  • Keep warm, keep cozy, and keep your flowers dry

    Winter season is upon us and as the weather changes we're preparing to keep our flowers drier than before. You see, a lot of moisture can enter yo...
  • Pressing Dried Flowers

    We were introduced to pressed flowers by one of our friends, and it was a game changer! We've been experimenting with some flowers and so far it's ...
  • Flowers To Look Out For During Summer

    Here's our top picks for flowers this NZ summer - get out there!
  • How to Dry Your Own Flowers

    Summer is almost in full swing and flowers are everywhere. Instead of watching them sadly wilt away leaving petals all over your garden, why not dry and display them? It's a lovely way to preserve the glory of nature and makes for some sick interior decor. Plus, you get to take some nice shots for your gram.

  • Dried Flower Care Tips

    Dried flowers are beautiful, but just like any fresh-cut flowers, they are very delicate. However with the right tender love and care, they will last for many years in your home. Here are a few tips on how to take care of these babies.